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Search Property & Deed Records

Owner's Info, Purchase History, Property Details, Values, Loans, Permits & More!

Power of Property Data Under Your Fingertips

Property Owner(s)

Are you looking to find out information on who owns a property? Obtain details such as the property owner's name, phone number, and mailing address.

Purchase History

Uncover the property's sales history, including past sale prices, sale dates, transfer type, and additional details. Our reports may also incorporate loan records.

Loan Records

Conducting loan records searches reveals crucial property details, such as loan amounts, terms, rates, status, lender information, and associated names.


Searching property deed records can provide much information about the property ownership. You can find information such as type of deed, seller and buyer info, liens, and terms of sale.

Property Details

Property details are essential for anyone buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Reviewing property records provides valuable insights, including square footage, bedroom and bathroom count, lot size and location, renovation history, and more.

Neighborhood Info

When purchasing a home, understanding the neighborhood is crucial. Our neighborhood records offer details on proximity to parks, schools, and others. We also provide critical stats like crime, school ratings, demographics, Household income, etc.

Property Tax Records

Examining property tax records is vital for uncovering tax assessment values, owed taxes, exemptions, land and property enhancements, and more.

Property Values

Knowing property values empowers you with essential information for buying, selling, or investing. Gain insights into size, location, condition, and improvements, as well as historical changes.

Building Permits

Gain essential details like permit status, type, applicant name, fees paid, effective date, and permit number.


Explore comprehensive foreclosure records featuring key details such as publication date, record last update, record type, borrower name, lender name, trustee name, foreclosure document instrument number, original loan amount, and auction city.

Lien Records

Discover vital information within lien records, including details like publication date, record last update, record type, debtor name, creditor name, lien amount, lien instrument number, and lien status.


Obtain detailed resident profiles, including full names, contact information, and tenure duration at specific properties.

Search Property & Deed Records